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I'm Trey and I'm a mixing engineer. My goal is to help independent artists release unique and attention-demanding music emphasizing their original sounds and personal voice.

As a working musician for decades, I understand how much work, time, and care you have put into your music. You've crafted your songs over blood, sweat, and tears. Your songs are fueled by your life experiences and they likely shine a light on your unique voice and your personal story.

I want that music that you've worked so hard to create to sound as fantastic as possible. I want your music to be heard and appreciated by your fans, and to reach as many new fans as possible.

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The differences my skills can make:

Mixing Demo Reel (2017)

"Trey more than exceeded our expectations for the sound and music in our marketing video. He provided a very quick turnaround, was very creative in the effects he chose, and was very precise in the timing and expression needed to complement our promotional and advertising materials."

- Ryan Sawyer, Owner, Sawyer Investment Management Co.

"Trey has consistently been one of the most professional people I've worked with. Quick, quality, and consistent. Brought both technical skills and artistic understanding to the table."

- Seth Butcher, Producer, Asset Not Found Productions

"After working with Trey the first time on a session and listening to the first mix I was impressed at how quickly he brought everything together. Not only was he easy to work with during the session, he was a great producer and really got me to play the best parts for the song right there on the spot. The final mix was impeccable, with every part having it's place and not missing anything!!"

-Shawn Lake, Keyboardist and Songwriter - Percy Sledge, What the Funk, Losing Anna